What Are Granite Remnants?

If you have somehow landed on this page, then you must have heard of the term granite remnants before while looking for discounts for a fireplace surrounds or countertops. Just as the name implies, granite remnants are basically just leftover pieces of granite from large construction projects or other remodelling projects. It has been estimated that around twenty to thirty percentage of granite is never used from such projects. It would seem like a waste to throw all these remnants away, which is why contractors and homeowners have come up with an ingenious way to incorporate them into their home décor.

Where Can You Find Granite Remnants

Almost every shop or business that deals with home décor or home renovations would have their own supply of granite remnants. But sometimes, they might not show it to the public who visit their shops and only bring them out if you ask about them. They also use it for huge discounts off the original price so that more buyers would get tempted to buy. Apart from granite remnants, sometimes you might even be lucky enough to find other remnants such as marble and quartz remnants. As these remnants are limited in supply, shops do not always have them in stock and this is also another reason why they chose not to display these materials publicly.

What Can Granite Remnants Be Used For

Most of the time, these granite remnants are too small to be used for a proper kitchen countertop. It is more widely used to create desktops, coffee tables, windowsills and more. They can also be used for wine stoppers, jewellery and car curbs. You can also always ask the person in charge what these remnants can be used for and see whether it suits you and your home.
All in all, granite remnants are indeed a very affordable alternative.

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