Determining Which Pomade Type to Consider for Your Hair


Pomade is known to be one of the most used hair products by men. It is able to provide not only the medium to strong hold that most hairstyle needs, but also it can give either a shiny or matte look. It comes in two types that allow users to choose whichever will work for their hair the best.

Two Types of Pomade

The use of hair product does not only depend on how strong will it hold a hairstyle or how long it will last; also, it should be about its suitability to the hair’s length and to the hair’s status – oily, normal or dry. Pomade comes in two forms, giving the users enough option.

Water-based Pomade

The very distinguishable feature of this hair product is that it can be washed off immediately. This means that you don’t need to use shampoos to rinse this off completely. Plus, it does not require a follow-up use of conditioner nor oil because it already leaves a moisturizing effect for your hair. It can give either a strong or soft hold, depending on the user’s choice but often, it comes on a matte outcome.

Oil-based Pomade

On the other hand, using an oil-based or petroleum pomade can give you a hard time washing it off not only on your hair but also on your hands. However, most oil-based pomade never dries your hair and can give you either a very shiny outcome or a subtle one. it is also able to provide a softer hold or a stronghold, depending on your choice.

Several pomade reviews have been created online and these are a powerful reference if you are having doubts about which type to use.

Tips on Using Pomade

Applying this hair product is easy even for first-timers. Most hair experts advise applying this on a slightly damp hair for smoother application. Slightly damp means not overly wet as this can break the product too much. Therefore, take a time to dry your hair a little but so that you can style it with ease and to achieve the texture you want.


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